Locals Only: Kahlifornia Wines

kahliforniaAt work the other day,  a sales rep came in with a box filled with a couple bottles of wine. Since I don’t work in the wine industry, (I work for a surf company)  and sit at a desk most of the day,  seeing someone walk in the office with wine, makes my eyes, and taste buds perk up like a dog when it sees a dog treat.

I immediately get up and follow him to see what is going on, why he’s bringing wine here and how I can get in on this. It turns out his in-laws,  have their own winery and bottle their own wines in Jamul, California. (the name is Kahl, so a winery in California really worked out for them) He gave us a few bottles, and of course I got my hands on this “Perfect Storm Red.”  Getting a bottle of wine at work really makes my day.

We also got to do a little tasting with two other bottles he left for us, one Syrah, and one photo (28)Zinfandel. Out of all three, the Zin was my favorite. It had the most body and was full of flavor.

The one bottle I got to take home and enjoy to myself is The Perfect Storm Red. It’s  from 2006 and a blend of 7 different red grapes. It’s sweet with a tart aftertaste,  it wakes your mouth up, and tastes great with spicy foods.

I am not positive if they sell this anywhere, if they do, it might just be locally, near Jamul. I will have to ask next time, and hopefully get to try some more! It was so awesome of him to share his wine!

Cheers! Pound Grape!

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2 Responses to Locals Only: Kahlifornia Wines

  1. girlycamping says:

    Wine. Wine. Wine. Ramble ramble. 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    Look at all those ‘likes’!! daaaaaaaaaaang gurrrrl!!

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