…And we’re back!!

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It has been sometime since my last post! It was a busy summer; beach, new dog, barbecues,  beach, new promotion at work, beach… It was a hot summer and as I wrote about in my last post, I have been enjoying the cool, crispness of white wine, as well as many Pina Coladas.
For a while, I hadn’t tried many new wines, I was sticking to what I knew, since I found something I liked. Now, it’s time to venture out of the box again.

Tonight I picked up a bottle of cab from 14 Hands. I don’t know what specifically drew mephoto (37) to the bottle, maybe the horses? Or maybe it was just something that looked different and new next to my usual Cupcake and Bogle wines. After drinking it, I realized I made a great decision! At only $10, it has an expensive taste. Full bodied, cherries, black currents and scents of espresso, my favorite! I highly recommend picking some up!
Happy drinking! Pound Grape!


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